Better call saul season 4 episode 10 full episode

TV Schedule. Sign In. Better Call Saul —. Year: S5, Ep1. Error: please try again. Now doing business as Saul Goodman, Jimmy unveils an unorthodox strategy that tests Kim's tolerance of his new legal persona. Lalo searches for the mysterious "Michael. S5, Ep2. Jimmy's promotional stunt has unintended consequences. Nacho takes extreme measures to earn Lalo's trust. Saul is a success at the courthouse, but still has yet to win Kim over.

Simmering with rage and self-loathing, Mike loses his temper. S5, Ep3. Jimmy's business enters uncharted territory. Kim's confidence is tested when she's faced with a legal problem only she can solve. Nacho navigates increased pressure from Gus. Mike continues to spiral. S5, Ep4. As Jimmy doubles down on "Saul Goodman", a deeply conflicted Kim brings him an interesting proposition. Gus makes a sacrifice in order to play the long game. Mike attempts to smooth things over with his family.

S5, Ep5. Mike takes an impromptu trip out of town; as she and Jimmy grow closer over their campaign to help a client, Kim makes a surprising call. S5, Ep6. Kim tries to pump the brakes on Jimmy's latest scheme, but it may be too late to stop Saul; Mike turns the heat up on Lalo; Nacho attempts to enlist support from above.

S5, Ep7. Jimmy and Kim build a legal firewall with help from Huell; Kim sets things straight with her clients as Jimmy is compromised by his; Gus calms troubled waters in service of his plot to build an empire; Mike does damage control. S5, Ep8. When a simple errand for a client goes sideways, Jimmy is pushed to the limit; Mike takes measures to contain the wrath of the cartel; Lalo gets an unexpected visitor.

S5, Ep9. In the wake of Jimmy's traumatic misadventure, Kim takes stock of what is important; Jimmy attempts to return to business as usual, but it's more difficult than anticipated; Gus and Mike set a plan in motion. S5, Ep Jimmy and Kim make a sideways move that takes a serious turn; Nacho gets closer to the cartel than he'd like. See also TV Schedule.

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better call saul season 4 episode 10 full episode

Remove this message when finished. The fourth season of the American television drama series Better Call Saul was announced on June 27, The series returned on August 6, It consisted of 10 episodes, each running approximately 47 minutes in length.

At the hospital, he is given a clean bill of health and prepares to be released. However, "Gene" is held up by the nurse at the front desk, who is having trouble entering his fake ID and Social Security numbers into a computer.

The nurse realizes she has mistyped the numbers, and when they go through, she allows "Gene" to leave. He further notices the cabbie staring intently at him, as if he recognizes him, to the point that he doesn't drive through a green light.

As he walks away -- at one point kneeling down to pretend to tie his shoes -- "Gene" sees that the taxi doesn't drive off. Now suspended from the law for a year, Jimmy begins his morning at Kim 's apartment searching the newspaper for job opportunities.

A call from Howard alerts him that Chuck 's house had burned down. When Jimmy arrives at the scene, he discovers that Chuck didn't survive it. The cause of death was due to a knocked over lantern. Jimmy seems hard hit by the death of his brother and remains virtually silent until Howard confesses that he believes himself responsible for the death of Chuck by having forced him to leave HHM.

Nacho and Gusmeanwhile, watch as Hector is driven away in an ambulance. The two go to meet with Bolsa and Arturo. Bolsa tells Nacho and Arturo that they are to keep their territory despite Hector's stroke.

Nacho drives off and dumps his pills into a river, however, he is unknowingly being watched by Victor. Mikemeanwhile, steals an ID card from an employee at the Madrigal Las Cruces warehouse in order to break in.

He recognizes many security breaches found at the warehouse and alerts the manager. When asked who he is, Mike identifies himself as the security consultant and advises the manager to contact Lydia.

Gus hires Barry Goodman and Victor to examine Hector's condition. Barry reports that the hospital is doing its best but that only an institution such as Johns Hopkins could give Hector better treatment. Gus tells Barry that he alone should be in charge of deciding Hector's fate. The next day at the hospital a doctor from Johns Hopkins arrives to treat Hector after a generous payment had been made.

On the other end of things, Lydia schedules a meeting with Mike. Lydia suggests Mike reconsider his actions, which she believes risk exposure, to which Mike responds to her to do the same. Lydia calls Gus to complain about Mike, but Gus seems uninterested and hangs up as Tyrus pulls up to the Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant.

Tyrus gives Gus Hector's medical charts and Gus immediately notices something and tells Tyrus to meet with Victor. Tyrus and Victor meet with Nacho and Arturo for another drug pickup.

After Nacho and Victor negotiate for six packets instead of five they walk out to the car only to be ambushed by Gus and his men. Arturo suffocates to death via plastic bag as Gus tells Nacho that he knows what he did and that he is now "his. Jimmy spends the day looking for work. He interviews at Neff Copiers and sells himself to them as he is highly knowledgeable in copiers. He gets the job offer immediately after the interview but turns it down because he is frustrated that he was not properly vetted.TV Schedule.

Sign In. Better Call Saul —. Next Episode airs 20 Apr. Current Episode aired 13 Apr. S4, Ep1. Error: please try again. Jimmy struggles to cope with Chuck's tragic incidence. Mike ponders his role at Madrigal. Howard makes a startling confession. S4, Ep2. Jimmy seeks new employment. Gus navigates the fallout from Hector's collapse. Kim endeavors to support Jimmy in the wake of Chuck's death. S4, Ep3. Jimmy puts a risky plan into motion; as alliances shift, Nacho finds himself in the crosshairs; Kim contemplates her future.

S4, Ep4. A restless Jimmy embarks on a new endeavor while Mike burns bridges; Kim pursues her bliss; Nacho tries to survive a turf war.

better call saul season 4 episode 10 full episode

S4, Ep5. Jimmy identifies a new market for his talents; Mike vets a potential partnership; Kim drives a hard bargain. S4, Ep6.

S4, Ep7. Jimmy runs into a problem as he expands his business that only Kim can solve. Gus gets involved in Hector's medical care.

Mike has to deal with a setback. S4, Ep8. Jimmy goes to great lengths to right a wrong, as Kim pulls out all the stops for a case; Mike lets his team blow off steam; Nacho receives a visitor. S4, Ep9.

Jimmy and Kim unburden themselves, risking their relationship in the process; Nacho is forced to make the rounds with Lalo; Mike has cause to worry. S4, Ep Jimmy turns the page on his reputation; Lalo tracks a loose end in Gus's operation; Mike is forced to make a difficult decision.Jimmy turns the page on his reputation.

Lalo tracks a loose end in Gus' operation. Mike is forced to make a difficult decision. Series: Better Call Saul. Genre: CrimeDrama. A computer engineer investigates the secretive development division in her company, which she believes is behind the disappearance of her boyfriend. A young girl from the big city uncovers clues to an unsolved cold case while visiting her father's small lakeside town.

Four gritty no-holds-barred human stories of the streets, all linked together in some respect. When a seemingly perfect and happy family is murdered by someone they knew and trusted, cracks appear on the surface of a supposedly idyllic community. In April an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the USSR becomes one of the world's worst man-made catastrophes.

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better call saul season 4 episode 10 full episode

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The Cast of "Better Call Saul" Recap the First 3 Seasons in 10 Minutes - Vanity Fair

Country: UK. Genre: CrimeDramaWestern. Genre: Drama. Genre: ComedyDramaFantasyRomance. Genre: ComedyDramaRomance. Country: ItalyUSA.Werner was never able to see when the real danger was coming. In retrospect, it was only apt that Mike would wind up taking Jesse under his wing. Each man had, at some point, been compelled to join a support group only to lash out before leaving, and each had done terrible things for terrible bosses.

Duncan Springer, Raymond Chin, Marcie Ramirez — all fine young students worthy of ensuring a steady line of heirs to the privileged circle of corporate-law elite ring any timely bells?

Jimmy can relate. He accosts her — hard. More accurately, she was blown back by the fact that his seemingly impromptu waterworks and sentiment about Chuck before the board was the calculated performance of a stranger. He was a sucker then, he reasons, but not now. Travel Wire man was just knocked unconscious.

Episode List

I read them and weep. Mostly smile, but some weeping. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Better Call Saul Winner. Season 4 Episode Tags: tv tv recaps overnights recaps better call saul better call saul season 4 More.

Most Viewed Stories. Promoted links by Taboola. More Stories.Better Call Saul may not have stellar ratings, but it has quite the fanbase. Of all the current rated episodes on IMDb, none of them fall below an 8. We cannot wait to see what Bob Odenkirk and company have in store for us and we'll be revisiting previous episodes until then. The fourth episode of season two finds Jimmy in hot water as he comes under scrutiny for creating a commercial for the abused residents of Sandpiper Crossing.

better call saul season 4 episode 10 full episode

They warn Jimmy that he will be on thin ice for the time being. Jimmy tries to help Chuck, who spends most of his days wrapped in a space blanket in his home, but only proceeds to make things worse for him and Kim. In the finale of season two, we see Jimmy rush to Chuck's aid as he is discovered unconscious at a copy store. While Jimmy was doing something that would ultimately make life harder for Chuck, he had no intention of causing him more physical problems as Chuck has been plagued with mental instability since the beginning of the series.

Also in this episode, Mike tries to make a move on Hector Salamanca, but cannot get a clear shot on him and goes back to his car after the horn mysteriously begins blaring.

Upon returning to his car, he finds a note simply saying "Don't. In the fourth episode of season three, things really begin heating up between Gus Fring 's drug operation and the Salamancas.

Hector pays a visit to the flagship Los Pollos Hermanos location to intimidate Gus and his employees. Gus attempts to recruit Mike for his own purposes, confessing he was the one who left the note in his car and prevented him from killing Hector. The drama between Chuck and Jimmy over the taped confession continues.

Francesca Liddy, who will eventually become Saul's secretary, interviews with Jimmy and eventually gets officially hired as the first employee of Wexler-McGill. Later in the episode, Howard and Chuck make a plan to trap Jimmy into breaking and entering Chuck's house so he can destroy the tape of his confession.

He shocks them both by showing up and destroying the tape right in front of Chuck. So much for Jimmy staying out of court for a while. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong in the ninth episode of season four. At last, Jimmy has the opportunity to be reinstated to the New Mexico Bar by appearing before a committee to make his case. Despite his best efforts, he does not get approved because the committee believes him to be insincere. Meanwhile, Gus's operation goes haywire as the head of his German crew, Werner, disappears in an attempt to briefly visit his wife.

His escape from the compound causes pandemonium and the fallout from the season finale eventually makes it impossible for him to return. The finale of season three is one of the most tragic of the entire series.

Jimmy visits Chuck to try and make amends but is rebuffed by Chuck when he tells Jimmy he never really cared that much for him. All hopes for reconciliation between the two are dashed as Howard commits suicide by lighting his house on fire while inside it.Better Call Saul season 4 will be coming to Netflix in both the UK and the US, among other regions, but the release dates will vary depending on where you live.

The show is a must-watch for any Breaking Bad fan. It serves as a prequel to the main show by establishing some of the most loved characters. Season 3 was the best season of Better Call Saul yet. AMC shows have thus far released on Netflix in a strict yearly schedule. With new episodes airing on Mondays, that will mean any Netflix region that carries Better Call Saul as an Original will get the new episodes the following morning.

These regions include the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and multiple others. If it has the Netflix logo, congratulations! You got new episodes weekly. For those in the United Kingdom looking ahead, season 5 has yet to be announced but is expected soon. Are you looking forward to watching season 4 of Better Call Saul on Netflix? Let us know down below.

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Better Call Saul

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