New song from wasafi 2020

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new song from wasafi 2020

Editor - 12th November 0. Editor - 11th November 0. Editor - 26th September 0. Editor - 17th September 0. Editor - 9th September 0. Editor - 7th September 0. Editor - 4th September 0. Masauti — Dondosha ft. Lava Lava Editor - 13th July L-Tido — No Favors ft.

Mbosso — Maajab Editor - 27th May Trademark — Summer ft. Dr Malinga Editor - 22nd November DJ Tira — SuperHero ft.


De Mthuda — Shona Malanga ft. Mhaw Keys Editor - 12th April But teen and preteen baby boomers were heavily represented among the generation that felt inspired and galvanized by his politically charged folk music of the early- and mids.

Listeners thought he was writing passionately about current events but actually he was writing about stuff he read in the library about…the s and s. So what are we to make of this new song? With the world experiencing a global pandemic on a scale not seen sinceand with a young generation seething with rage over the fallout from the perceived narcissism and selfishness of the baby boomers who launched him to global fame, Dylan has chosen this moment to release an extremely long song—his first original song in almost a decade, I might add—about the single most chewed-over trauma in the boomer historical hall of fame: the assassination of John F.

Before JFK was killed, Dylan mostly recorded the sincere-sounding folk music that made him famous. The track starts with a low cello drone and some tinkling piano.

This is not exactly high modern poetry. If anything, it reads like the kind of workaday poems that newspapers used to publish last century. Like most honest chroniclers of the assassination, Dylan invokes the conspiracies without attempting to either confirm or deny their validity:.

The day they blew out the brains of the king Thousands were watching; no one saw a thing. After setting the scene, he starts to wax more adventurously poetic. Arguably, that was the end of his s. But Woodstock has another meaning, of course: The Woodstock music festival in Augustwith its throngs of scantily clad hippies, was the culmination of the s ethos of peace and free love.

He laments, at great length, the terrible crime of the Kennedy assassination in a style worthy of the chorus from a Greek tragedy. How many ways are there to say that this was an extremely evil act? Very many, as it turns out! And the second movement of the Jupiter Symphony. So what is Dylan up to here? Maybe he is doing the same thing Allen was doing: trying to use his favorite songs and movies as shields against the idea that life is absurd and meaningless.

And maybe—I have no idea but maybe? Several of the lyrics suggest that the JFK assassination was the beginning of something very bad. Something that is still plaguing us today:.

Maybe this explains why Dylan is releasing this song now. The escalating shittiness of these times has become a running joke, with making look like a cakewalk, making look like a breeze, and on and on back towhen the election of Donald Trump kicked off a series of events culminating in our collective present: a time when the United States has arguably bungled its response to a global pandemic worse than any other nation in the world.

Can we learn something about our predicament from looking back at the Kennedy assassination? Is that where things really started to go wrong? Looking for more? Sign up for our daily newsletter and never miss a story. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.Thanks to coronavirus, the time has come for a new song to help us properly wash our hands.

By Marc Shaiman. Last week, it occurred to Susan Dominus, a reporter at The New York Times, that there should be an alternative, to spare the Happy Birthday song from so many unpleasant associations.

This is when she called my co-lyricist, Scott Wittman, and me with a proposal: Maybe we could come up with an alternative? The new song would have to be fun — and, of course, last 20 seconds. Being self-isolated makes one happy to have a project — plus, it would feel good to write something that might put a happy spin on this situation we are in, even if for just a few moments.

We sent the song to some Broadway friends to help perform our new hand washing anthem. And they have channeled their energy into these homemade videos.

Barely time to sing this song. Not in 20 seconds. But why stop at just one song? We created not one, but two songs. Wait till you see his over-the-shoulder paper towel toss! You must work it up into a lather. Even though I know that you would rather. Be outside where there is dirt for you to play. So both your hands should wash away your troubles.

Let your fingers dance among the bubbles. Keep a steady pace and please try not to fidget. To stay healthy this is what the world commands.

new song from wasafi 2020

Bravo to you! You washed your hands! So now, dear reader, since so many of you may have some time on your hands — which hand-washing challenge can you meet?The Tanzanian music scene is one of the fastest-growing music industries in Africa.

Bongo flava, a collective name that defines Tanzanian music, has taken East Africa and the whole continent by storm. Veteran bongo artists are behind some of the most played songs last year while new musicians have started to embrace the art, even adding a new twist to it.

Thanks to unprecedented investment and innovations, the industry is home to some of the biggest music stars in East Africa.

From songs about love to those that send you straight to the dancefloor, there were many good songs from Tanzania over the last year. Diamond and his Wasafi crew picked up from where they left last year and as expected, they amassed large numbers of viewership on streaming platforms like YouTube.

Here is a list of the most successful songs in based on YouTube viewership as well as popularity in local media. Diamond Platnumz is one of the most versatile African songwriters. Inama, which he featured another African musical giant, Fally Ipupa, is one of the most viewed songs on YouTube. In addition to YouTube views, Inama is also a great song in terms of production and video directing. Diamond uses an in-house production team, which is different compared to most Tanzanian artists.

This approach explains the reason why the video is consistent in terms of quality and innovation. In addition to using his personal video director Kenny, Diamond also hired French directors — Jessica Francois and Declo.


Although the two artists have different sounds, they gave bongo flava a new direction in terms of beats and innovation. Alikiba is, without a doubt, one of the most talented bongo flava artists of all time. Mbio — a single that he released in April — is unique in different ways. First, the song was a form of reinvention after many years in bongo flava. Second, although the song is a form of reinvention, his old bongo flava fans can relate to the song on different levels.

Mbio has a relevant theme. He advises the young men to "move" when love fails. Rockstar Africa was instrumental in packaging the project to Bongo fans. In addition to sweet melodies, Alikiba did not disappoint with the video quality.

new song from wasafi 2020

In the past decade, the Bongo superstar has worked with many video directors, both in Tanzania and outside the country. Instead of shooting the video in Tanzania, Alikiba went to Oman to shoot this song. Rayvanny and Diamond have done many songs together in the past three years.

Tetema was a perfect song for this rebranding. Tetema as a project was also important for both artists because it was the first time for these artists to work with a less known producer — S2kizzy.

The song received a lot of airplay on radio stations from Tanzania and therefore becoming one of the most loved songs in and outside Bongo.

Currently, Tetema is the most remixed Bongo song by international artists. It is hard to put Kainama in any music genre. However, the song has a nice party vibe. Harmonize worked with a lot of Nigerian artists and among all his projects, Kainama was the most popular in Tanzania. Bringing Diamond and Burna Boy on board was also a good idea, thanks to their wordplay and writing style. The video quality was top-notch, although it had some on-scene blunders.

Apart from the errors, the song was a perfect collaboration between East and West Africa. Diamond is one of the most unpredictable artists in Tanzania in terms of creation and his music direction. Kanyaga is a party song. The Kanyaga audio production was excellent. In addition to being a party song, Diamond used this song to address a lot of rumours surrounding his life.Through a post shared on Wednesday night, Diamond Platnumz unveiled songstress Zuchu as the latest addition to his music empire.

Zuchu is the second female artist under the label after Queen Darleen who was signed back in The songstress also took to social media to share her joy at working with the same fabric that has groomed some of the heavy hitters like Rayvanny.

Nyashinski sets standards during his virtual Album Launch. Ali Kiba Speaks out after artists Ditched his record label. By Ghetto Radio On Apr 9, Diamond called on his fans to give Zuchu support as she is set to take the industry by a storm. Ghetto Radio posts 0 comments. Prev Post Nyashinski sets standards during his virtual Album Launch.

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Young Lunya, Marioo Editor - 18th December 0. Young Lunya, Marioo, lyrics and videoTanzanian Best Naso — Wanawake Editor - 13th December 0. New bongo music coming in from Tanzania, check out Best Naso — Wanawake download Mp3, lyrics and video belowHere's the latest single from Best Spice Diana — Obisaana ft.

Timmy Tdat Abebi - 11th December 0. Timmy TdatKenyan artists better known by their stage name as Rosa Ree — Alamba Chini ft. Music Video: Nyandu Tozzy — Mawe ft. Rayvannny, Mr Blue Abebi - 6th December 0. New bongo hip hop music video coming in from Tanzania, check out Nyandu Tozzy ft.

Rayvannny Mawe video downloadThe official visuals for the the Stamina ft.

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Barnaba, lyrics and video belowThe singer Magix Enga — Sample Abebi - 6th December 0. New bongo music video coming in from the Tanzanian music scene, it's Harmonize - Kushoto Kulia video download, lyrics and video belowTop East African Teni Editor - 27th November 0. Teni, lyrics and video Diamond Platnumz — Sound ft.Diamond Platinumz latest songs are increasingly gaining fame as his career broadens. Diamond is apparently registering a series of international collaborations featuring talented musicians in his recent video releases.

Most of his music career centers around genres such as Afro-pop and Bongo Flavor. This year, "the boy from Tandale" has not disappointed his fanatics by releasing a number of Diamond Platinumz new songs. Here are some of his latest songs.

Diamond teams up with Congolese musician Innoss'B for this new danceable song with rich African beats. The two singers showcase their dancing skills while accompanied by some of the best dancers in the region. Yope remix is worth watching again and again. Kanyaga has over 6 million views on YouTube and has been a sensation not only in Tanzania, but also in the whole of East Africa. The song is all about Diamond calling out those who take him for granted.

This includes fake friends, those who want his money, those who spread fake news about him, and those who keep borrowing from him. The video is also accompanied by a simple yet catchy dance that his fans love. Not to be confused with Kainama, this song witnesses a collaboration between the best from West Africa and East Africa. Diamond too brings the track to life with his well thought out lyrics as well as captivating dance moves.

The song has been in the media and online, where it boasts of over 11 million views on YouTube. This collaboration between three of the most popular musicians in Africa has been gaining attenton, ever since it was released.

Just like most of Diamond's songs, this one features simple lyrics that are easy to sing along. It has gained over 2 million views on YouTube at the time of writing this list.

Every time Diamond and Rayvanny collaborate, something big is going to happen. And that is exactly what we got when the two released Tetema. The song hit the airwaves immediately and have been received warmly in the whole of East Africa. Aside from the superstar names behind the songs, part of its success comes from its dance-able rythm and simple lyrics that are easily to follow.

This song instantly became a hit, mostly due to the curiosity surrounding its lyrics. Diamond and Rayvanny were later banned from performing the song in Tanzania due to its lyrics that the government deemed too explicit, but it remains on YouTube where it continues to amass even more views.

Another collaboration between Diamond and members of the WCB Wasafi, Jibebe, has also gained popularity ever since its release. As of now, the song as accumulated over 13 million views on YouTube. It is also a regular in the airwaves. Diamond Platinumz new song was published on YouTube last year and in less than nineteen hours it has over one million views. Four days later, the song had over two million views on YouTube.

This song, which featured Rayvanny, has stormed social media discussions because it captures intimate moments between Diamond and wife Zari Hassanyet the couple is currently separated. In the song, Diamond states that marriage is a blessing and one should be grateful since many desire to be married. It is an appropriate wedding song, don't you think so? This is among the top hits in Diamond Platinumz songs latest album released early this year and was published on YouTube on the 16th day of March and has over The song produced by KrizBeatz is significantly subscribed and holds legacy as the most anticipated album.

The song is elating and shares an emotional love story that listeners can readily identify with on the minimal.


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